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Joint Sporting and Mobility Commissions


Joint Sporting and Mobility Commissions

The joint Sporting and Mobility Commissions have been created to advise both the World Motor Sport Council and the World Council for Automobile Mobility and Tourism.

The Manufacturers’ Commission represents automotive manufacturers and works on issues affecting them in both motor sport and mobility, representing its collective position to both World Councils, the FIA administration and other commissions.

Newly inaugurated for 2018, the Environment and Sustainability Commission comprises members from a variety of Sport and Mobility stakeholders, and will work closely with both pillars to ensure that they maximise their environmental and sustainability credentials, as well as providing high level advice on future trends and developments in this area.

Also new for 2018, the Disability and Accessibility Commission is focused on improving accessibility for all in both motor sport and general mobility in the broader community. In motor sport, this largely centres on ensuring that people with disabilities can compete fairly and safely in motor sport. Regarding mobility, there is a much broader array of factors affecting society’s access - which often change significantly depending on geography.