The FIA has a clear structure with its duties separated into reviewing, enacting and enforcing sporting rules, promoting accessible, sustainable and safe mobility for all, taking executive decisions and resolving disputes.

The FIA is structured in line with the principles of good governance and its organisation follows a classic governmental style similar to that of a nation state. Specifically in relation to sport, there is a clear separation between:

  • making and amending of sporting rules as the primary legislative function;
  • making and reviewing executive decisions regarding the management of financial resources and organisation of sporting competitions; and
  • resolving disputes between members, sporting participants and other relevant parties.

The full details of the FIA structure and responsibilities of the individual assemblies, committees, and commissions can be found in the Statutes of the FIA, which are openly published and freely available to members of the general public. Please click here.

The FIA Statutes are supported by the FIA’s Internal Regulations, which further outline many of the procedural aspects of the FIA’s work and are made available to the entire FIA membership.