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FIA Road Safety Grants Programme

Grants are accessible to all FIA Member Clubs under the FIA Road Safety Grants Programme.

Available to FIA members only, the FIA Road Safety Grants Programme, established in 2012 with an endowment from the FIA Foundation. It funds Club projects for promotion and progress in road safety around the world.


Founded in 2012, the FIA Road Safety Grants Programme has awarded to date over 9,200,000 € in support of the road safety projects all over the world. Since its creation, the Programme has funded over 540 initiatives in 101 countries. Funded projects include awareness-raising campaigns, educational and training programme, the protection of vulnerable road users and road infrastructure safety information.

The FIA Road Safety Grants Programme has been subject to a number of developments over the years and in 2017 was restructured in order to maximise the positive impact of activities carried out by FIA Member Clubs. Since then, the Programme has been organised around four streams:

  • Global Action – A yearly advocacy campaign;
  • Transformation – Governing scalable road safety interventions;
  • Capacity Building – Focused at targeted global projects;
  • Collaboration – Aimed at facilitating projects at regional level.

In 2020, the Programme was further refined. Based on the FIA Road Safety Advocacy Strategy approved by the World Council for Automobile Mobility and Tourism in December 2020 and following the key outcomes of the Third Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety in Stockholm that took place in February 2020, the FIA Road Safety Grants Programme was directed at supporting implementation of the Safe System principles. 

In 2021, the Transformation stream was restructured to focus on six key themes: the FIA School Assessment Programme allowing for safety assessment of school areas and improvement of kids’ commute to school through infrastructure upgrades; the ‘Drive in the Moment’ distracted driving toolkit used to support novice drivers in eliminating risks of distraction when driving; promotion of the FIA Safe and Affordable Helmet Programme and advocating for increasing helmet safety standards in low- and middle-income countries; expansion of the FIA’s partnership with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) via Club safety projects designed in cooperation with IFRC National Societies; the application of new technology to safety issues, and projects promoting the FIA’s ‘Check your Vision’ road safety message in order to raise awareness of the importance of good vision.

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