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Road Safety


Road Safety

The FIA is dedicated to improving the safety of every day road users throughout the world.

An estimated 1,35 million people are killed each year on the roads worldwide and 50 million injured. That corresponds to 3,500 fatalities every day, including 500 children: an unacceptable human, economic and social cost for our societies. The FIA and its Members are committed to developing key working relationships with international institutions and organisations as well as governments around the world to help reach the Sustainable Development Goals to halve the number of global deaths and injuries from road traffic crashes by 2030. 

FIA Road Safety Grants Programme

To help bring about positive, measurable change at the local level, in 2012 the Federation created the FIA Road Safety Grants Programme with the support of the FIA Foundation. 

For any further information about the FIA Road Safety Grants Programme, please contact Anaïs Aite Mobility Grants Coordinator (

FIA Road Safety Strategy 2021-2023

Following the 3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety in Stockholm in February 2020, Delegates concluded that a different approach is necessary, a concerted effort in which safe mobility is the core, fundamental value of the road transport system. The call for a change in approach was embodied in the ‘Stockholm Declaration’ endorsed by the UN General Assembly.

In response to this strong call, the FIA developed an FIA Road Safety Advocacy Strategy for 2021-2023, in consultation with its Members.

The strategy sets a step change in direction and focus, moving away from the emphasis on awareness raising to evidence-based interventions with a stronger monitoring and evaluation framework, allowing for objective assessment and measurement of the impact.

FIA Road Safety Index

Supported by the FIA Foundation, the Road Safety Index is a tool that organisations and companies of any size in all parts of the world can use to determine their impact on road safety, report on their activities in that field, and improve their results. 

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