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Officials Safety Training Programme


Officials Safety Training Programme

The Officials Safety Training Programme helps to increase competency levels of officials from around the world. To achieve this goal the FIA has developed a best practice framework; accredited National Sporting Authorities (ASNs) who adopt the framework; developed and rolled out training infrastructure; and conducted a number of knowledge-sharing activities.

The framework is being used as a template by ASNs around the world to create or improve their own programmes, and it focuses on two key areas: competency development and programme structure.

Through an accreditation scheme the FIA is accrediting those ASNs who adopt the framework. For those ASNs who most closely align to the framework, their level of accreditation enables them to apply to become a Regional Training Provider in the international market, and assist other ASNs.

Best Practice Framework

This best practice framework helps to facilitate a detailed understanding of the key elements required to develop or enhance ASN development programmes for officials, including specific principles for medical officials. The framework is split between two key areas: competency development and programme structure.

The areas contain what is currently considered by the FIA to be best practice principles, and they indicate the standard that should characterise an ASN’s development programme for officials.


The FIA will accredit ASNs that adopt the best practice framework and this is done at three levels – Achievement of Excellence, Progress towards Excellence and Commitment to Excellence. The ASNs most closely aligned to the framework can apply to become Regional Training Providers in the international market.

Officials safety training programme – accreditation guidelines

The FIA has developed guidelines to help National Sporting Associations understand the requirements to become accredited for the Officials Safety Training Programme.

Accredited National Sporting Authorities

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