The FIA takes a zero-tolerance approach towards all practices detrimental to the human dignity and the physical and mental health. We promote an environment where everyone is treated with mutual respect.

These practices comprise acts of discrimination and harassment, including physical, mental and sexual harassment.

This is the reason why we have implemented the FIA Anti-Harassment and Non-Discrimination Policy.

The ultimate goal of the policy is to ensure that all FIA persons, including drivers, members, delegates, employees, officials, are treated equally, with respect and dignity and that they can operate in an environment that is devoid of discriminatory practices, bias, harassment and prejudice.

All persons wishing to report any incident of unethical behaviour in the workplace are encouraged to do it through the FIA Ethics and Compliance Hotline / Violation of the FIA Ethical Principles, available here.

The ultimate purpose of the Hotline is to protect everyone working at or for the FIA from any misconduct and contribute to maintain a safe work environment.

All reports will be kept confidential, provided that they will be submitted in good faith, and they will be assessed by the Compliance Officer and the Ethics Committee.

The FIA will not tolerate any form of retaliation against someone reporting in good faith a concern of alleged misconduct.

The FIA Anti-Harassment and Non-Discrimination Policy is available in four languages: English, French, Spanish and Arabic.