Karting is a great school of life for young people and the best way to learn about driving and racing. The best route for the future car Champions, Karting is also practiced by enthusiasts who devote all their energy to it. The FIA Karting Championships are open to drivers from the age of 12, with no upper age limit.

Although the kart is basically a machine of simple design, the high standard of Competition makes it a very high level sport where ultra-competent professional teams confront each other.

The spectacle provided by Karting events has an intensity rarely seen in motorsport. The closeness of the track, a succession of races throughout the weekend, constant suspense and the beauty of the struggle for victory make it an exciting discipline to experience for both specialists and the general public.


All the information about the FIA Karting Championships, are on the dedicated website here: http://www.fiakarting.com


Created in 1962, the International Karting Commission is an integral part of the FIA, as are the commissions of the other disciplines of motorsport. I ts mayn missions are to ensure the unity of Karting, to promote and develop the practice of the discipline throughout the world, to develop sporting and technical regulations and to establish the International Competition calendar.