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FIA Grant Programmes


As an international federation of motor sport and mobility organisations, the statutory mission of the FIA is to develop motor sport throughout the world and to promote safe, sustainable and accessible mobility for all. 
Providing direct support to FIA members, particularly those that need it most, is at the heart of our mission.
That is why the FIA has developed and implemented the FIA Sport Grant Programme and FIA Mobility Grant Programme.
Both programmes allocate the technical and financial support of the FIA to the most praiseworthy projects submitted by FIA members in compliance with FIA Grant Programme guidelines.

Transparency, integrity and fair play are the guiding principles of our FIA Grant Programmes.


As an open and accountable organisation, the FIA publishes all notable information on FIA Grant Programmes on the FIA websites: programme guidelines, selection methodology and criteria, and list of awarded projects.

The FIA takes a zero tolerance approach to misconduct and unethical behaviours, and the FIA Grant Programme guidelines duly reflect this principle.
Grants are provided to FIA members for development purposes only and upon submission of a detailed and structured project. Any funds received must be used for the purposes of the project only.
All grants are formalised in a written agreement between the FIA and the FIA member concerned.
Reporting and monitoring systems are in place to tightly control the use of funds and avoid any possible misuse.

Fair Play
The FIA supports the development needs of its members in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and in harmony with the principles of political neutrality and independence.
FIA Grant Programmes were designed taking into account best practices, such as the principles of good governance promoted by the International Olympic Committee through the Olympic Charter, the IOC Code of Ethics and the Olympic Solidarity Plan.
The FIA assesses in depth all the applications submitted by its members, and independent experts may also be involved to review the content of projects. The final decision to award a grant is taken democratically by several FIA governing bodies representing the FIA member community.
This ensures that commendable projects are awarded in the most equitable manner.
The principles of good governance also require the FIA to continuously review and improve its processes. The FIA Grant Programmes are no exception and are subject to optimisation year upon year. 
This is made possible thanks to the contribution of the FIA governing bodies, the FIA Administration and the support of third-party advisors appointed by the FIA, with the purpose of evaluating the solidity of the FIA’s internal control system and identifying possible improvements.


Founded in 2012 with an endowment from the FIA Foundation, the Grant Programme funds FIA Club projects for promotion and progress in road safety around the world. It has awarded over 4 000 000 € to date. Over 220 innovative road safety initiatives have been started in over 70 countries: awareness campaigns, educational programmes and training, vulnerable road users' protection, conferences, events and workshops, road infrastructure safety information and vehicle inspection programmes.

Dedicated to motor sport development, the FIA Sport Grant Programme works with ASNs to strengthen motor sport activities. The programme is managed by the Sport Funding Commission (SFC) who have ascribed a number of Key Performance Indicators to ensure funding delivers on its aim of growing motor sport. ASNs are legible to apply for funding provided that they comply with the set criteria and guidelines developed by the SFC.