FIA Courts


FIA Courts

The 2010 FIA General Assembly adopted a new judicial system which includes an International Tribunal (IT) and an International Court of Appeal (ICA) with updated rules and functions. This new judicial organisation came into effect as of 1 January 2011. In accordance with good governance principles, the IT and the ICA are independent bodies with their own administration detached from the main structure of the FIA.

International Tribunal

The International Tribunal (IT) exercises the FIA disciplinary powers in the first instance (for cases not dealt with by the Stewards of the Meeting). Decisions taken by the IT can be appealed before the International Court of Appeal (ICA).

International Court of Appeal

The International Court of Appeal is the final appeal tribunal for international motor sport. Established under the FIA Statutes and the FIA International Sporting Code it resolves disputes brought before it by any of National Sporting Authorities worldwide, or by the President of the FIA. It can also settle non-sporting disputes brought by national motoring organizations affiliated to the FIA.