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Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism within the FIA covers 3 areas: the Organisation mondiale du Tourisme et de l'Automobile (OTA) database, the International Driving Permits (IDPs) and the Carnets de Passages en Douane (CPDs).

VIAFIA Database

VIAFIA's mission is to assist FIA Member Clubs and associations with international travel and motor-related information on many countries around the world.

It currently offers tourist and motoring information on 90 countries in English and can all be easily accessed on the internet with a simple login and password.

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International Driving Permits (IDPs)

An International Driving Permit is a legally recognised translation of the holder’s national driving licence into several languages. It allows motorists to drive legally outside their own country when their domestic driving permit is not enough.

IDPs are generally issued by government authorities, but motoring organisations can also be granted the right to issue these documents. Many of those motoring organisations are FIA Clubs, which issue a global average of over 1.5 million IDPs per year.

Please note that ‘International Driving Licences’ (IDLs) and ‘International Driving Documents’ (IDDs), as sold by some internet sites, are not legally recognised and cannot replace an IDP. 


Carnets de Passages en Douane (CPDs)

The CPD is an international customs document which covers the temporary admission of motor vehicles (private and commercial road motor vehicles) in countries where required.

It serves as a customs declaration identifying the vehicle to be imported and also constitutes an international guarantee for the Customs authorities of the payment of any customs duties and import taxes chargeable should the vehicles not be re-exported.

In this way, the CPD helps to speed and facilitate border crossings for travellers and their vehicles since being an internationally-recognised guarantee, there is no need to collect and reimburse cash deposits at the local customs posts when travelling.

The CPD is still required today in numerous countries around the world for the temporary admission of private automobiles, commercial vehicles or other categories of motor vehicles.

CPDs are issued by Touring Clubs and Automobile Associations affiliated to the FIA and the AIT all over the world.

International CPD Network – Where to get your CPD?

CPD brochures

General information about the CPD can be downloaded here:

Brochure in Arabic: Click here to open (PDF).
Brochure in English: Click here to open (PDF).
Brochure in French: Click here to open (PDF).
Brochure in Spanish: Click here to open (PDF).