Avenue Q Swings

Past Topia Arts Center Board Chair, Mary Ann McSweeney, who played bass in the orchestra on the Tony Award winning Broadway show Avenue Q, has taken the outrageous songs from this show and transformed them into jazz arrangements in an album called Avenue Q Swings

This album was recorded live at the Metropolitan Room in New York City to benefit Topia Arts Center with top New York jazz musicians. Each song is sung by a different star from Broadway to Cabaret to Opera. The proceeds from the sale of this album go towards Keeping The Lights On at Topia and helping to renovate this new performing arts and education center in Adams, MA in the Berkshires.

Check out these hilarious songs for sale below in their glorious swinging arrangements!

Avenue “Q” Swings.  A Fundraiser for Topia Arts Center.

All profits of the sale of this music are donated to the arts center.

$.99 A Fine, Fine Line

Buy Now $.99 For Now

Buy Now $.99 I’ m Not Wearing Underwear Today

Buy Now $.99 If You Were Gay

Buy Now $.99 Loud As The Hell You Want

Buy Now $.99 My Girlfriend Lives In Canada

Buy Now $.99 Purpose

Buy Now $.99 Racist

Buy Now $.99 Special

Buy Now $.99 The Internet Is For Porn

Buy Now $.99 The Money Song

Buy Now $.99 The More You Love Someone