Topia Arts Center has made a commitment to act as a cornerstone for the revitalization of the charming New England town of Adams in the Northern Berkshires in Northwestern Massachusetts and serves this local population as well as a regional, national and international mix of artists, educators and audience members all of whom are important in creating the dynamic mix that is uniquely Topia.

In 2005 with the help of local donations from businesses and individuals and 50 volunteers from the community, Topia Arts Center opened the doors to the raw theater space after 40 years and began programming performances and workshops.  In 2010 McCann Technical School and volunteers installed more than 150 theater seats.  The community-interactive Symphony of 100 Carpenters helped raise funds to purchase green building materials to extend the original stage, which was completed by volunteer carpenters in 2011.

Topia has continued to raise the funds through local and state grants and local donations from the banks and the community to improve the theater, create feasibility studies, generate architectural designs, install lighting towers, state of the art theatrical lighting equipment and an HD projection system.  The space program for the theater was designed by Robert Long a world class theater designer who was enchanted by the town of Adams and the cofounders’ commitment to bringing the theater back to life. As the raw space is gradually transformed into its planned flexible design ultra green state-of-the-art theatrical dream, programs continue to use the space as it currently is so that our audiences, donors and volunteers can witness our progress and the fruits of their donated dollars and time.

We want everyone to feel invited into a creative engagement with us that ends up with a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Together we can make this space the place where creativity is nurtured and expressed. All this with another firm commitment to do it in an environmentally responsible way. We are green in our theatrical and architectural design for renovating the historic cultural center, in our operations and in our community.

There are a number of ways to connect.  You can volunteer, you can help with a charitable donation.

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