Board Members

Board of Directors 


William F. Kolis,  Jr.  Chairman
Bill was born and raised in Adams. He currently resides in  Cleveland, Ohio where he attained his undergraduate and law degree. Since then, Bill has practiced law with the firm of Wickens, Herzer, Panza, Cook and Batistta, Co. in its litigation department for over 35 years.  He is now on Senior Status with the firm.  Three years ago Bill purchase the old Firehouse in Adams, just down the street from the future home of the Topia Arts Center.  Since redirecting his focus to Adams, he has formed and  serves as president of the  Adams-Anthony Center for Political, Economic and Social Discourse, Inc.  The Center is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit dedicated to identifying and seeking solutions to  political, economic and social issues confronting not only Adams but all of Berkshire County.


Joe Nowak, Director 
Joe has lived in Adams all his live and is a Select Board member for the Town of Adams. He has a Masters degree in geography (with an emphasis on land management) from the University of Idaho. He is a founder of the Adams Agricultural Commission and the Adams Agricultural Fair and is passionate about keeping family farms solvent. Joe was a long time member of the Adams Conservation Commission. He worked for the Mass. Department of Conservation and Recreation. Joe enjoys woodworking and antiques.  


Caroline Scully, Clerk 
Caroline has lived in Adams for 17 years in the house where her mother was born and raised. Her uncle once owned and ran the Adams Theater until it closed in 1967. She is involved in environmental and agriculture, and community groups in Northern Berkshire County and has a masters degree in Environmental Studies. 


Charlie Tokarz, Director 
Charlie is a professional musician from North Adams. He plays the saxophone and other woodwind instruments and performs extensively throughout New England. Charlie also teaches woodwinds at The Hotchkiss School, Steiner School, and Berkshire County Day School. 


Mara Woolley, Director 
Mara is an Adams native, a local elementary school teacher at C.T. Plunkett and foster parent, and has been involved with Topia from the beginning.


John Worth, Treasurer
John Worth is a native of Adams and a professional musician with the Arthur Holmes Blues Band.  He



Advisory Board – 

Robin Avery, Adams, MA
Renee Dumouchel, New York, NY
Jason Ennis, Williamstown, MA
Marcia Gay Harden, Los Angeles, CA
Lauri Klefos, Pittsfield, MA
Kurt Kolok, North Adams, MA
Buffy Lord, North Adams, MA
Janice Messer, Adams, MA
Anastas Michos, New York, NY
Steven Pagnotta, North Adams, MA 

Nate Samson, Adams, MA
Jonathan Secor, New York, NY
Stephen Stenson, Adams, MA
Samantha Talora, Cheshire, MA
Myra Wilk, Adams, MA
James Wojtaszek, Cheshire, MA